Field Marketing Director
“Since my first day, I noticed the very open and inclusive environment where everyone’s points of view are respected and appreciated. The dedication, passion and competitive spirit of the Essentia family is like no other! We are building the Essentia Nation, it’s about living life at 110%, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it!”
Graphic Designer
“Once I started, I was immediately invested in all the great aspects of Essentia. The people gave me energy, passion, and made me feel lucky to be a part of a team that all had the same vision. That energy, passion and gratitude hasn’t wavered for even a moment during my time here. I still feel as lucky as I did three years ago.”
Regional Sales Manager
“I love that I am able to represent a product/brand that everyone loves and if they don’t yet, I know that they will. I get to help improve people’s lives one bottle of Essentia at a time. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t hear a testimony from a customer/family member/friend on why they drink Essentia and how it has helped change their lives.”
Our employees are the face of Essentia. They’re pivotal in helping us further our mission to improve people’s lives through better hydration. They help us create those moments of genuine connection with our customers and they’re passionate about helping people be their best. At Essentia, we’re always on the lookout for positively charged people who bring passion and energy to the team and who love our brand. As the #1 ionized alkaline water brand nationally, we’re enjoying explosive growth and need like-minded individuals to join our team. People who bring diversity, big ideas and inspiration to everything that we do.
If this sounds like you, tell us what you’d like to do at Essentia.
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