Essentia is built on the ideals of self-improvement and an unrelenting drive to improve people’s lives through better hydration. The Essentia Nation is a community of like-minded people working hard to be the best versions of themselves.

We are committed to providing aspiring overachievers an inclusive and supportive community — so that all who want to achieve more can learn from the struggles, motivations, passion and the success of others.

We are at our best, together.
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Singer / Songwriter

At 14 Arlissa began an arduous journey for the gifted musician, but it has led her where she is today, creating powerful songs and allowing her lyrics and voice to showcase her originality and emotion . . . READ MORE

Daniel Patrick
Fashion Designer

From rugby in Australia to a growing high-end fashion brand based out of Los Angeles, Daniel Patrick’s road has definitely been the one less traveled . . . READ MORE

Karam Gill

Karam Gill has always been a storyteller. Growing up in Los Angeles, he would gift short films and photographs to family and friends. At 23, Karam was named one of Variety Magazine’s 10 Documakers to Watch for 2017. Entirely committed to his craft, he’s now sharing his gift with a much larger audience, and . . . READ MORE

Jessica Lukasik
Active U.S. Coast Guard Officer, Triathlon Athlete

Being an elite endurance athlete while serving as an officer in the United States Coast Guard is a tall order, but when Lt. Jessica Lukasik graduated high school in Georgia as the valedictorian, she sought something purposeful and . . . READ MORE

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In September, we asked student artists from seven different cities to celebrate what makes their city overachieving. See their work and learn more about their stories, inspiration, struggles, fuel, passions, and what their hometown means to them.

New York City Student Artist
Meet Dillon O'Keefe

Seattle Student Artist
Meet Maya Milton